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Tech Care

Sanghamitra Chakravarty and Morten Mathiesen

In 2022, we joined forces with Sanghamitra Chakravarty to start the Tech Care Podcast. A podcast about our two passions: Social care and technology. Adopting technology and embarking on the digital journey is no longer a choice. It's a must. 

As part of the Institute of Health and Social Care Management's Social Care Innovators network Sangha and Morten explore a variety of topics with their guests.

How can tech both be valuable for the operators and meaningful for its users? What does the rest of the world say? Will we be able to take learnings from other industries? How is the next big thing going to influence you?

Sanghamitra Chakravarty and Morten Mathiesen are both social care tech start-up founders. Their guests are from every corner of social care.